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01. Technical Support
We are available 24 hours a day one way or another. We provide live chat, and robust ticket...
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02. No Over Crowded Servers
We absolutely refuse to over crowd our servers. If a server approaches full usage or 100...
Views: 2593
03. Reliable Network
We recognize that no matter how good anything is, it can't be of use unless it is reliable. We...
Views: 2516
04. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
You can rest knowing you made the right decision with CSY Web Hosting. As per our TOS,...
Views: 2699
05. Uptime Guarantee
We offer a 99.9% network and system uptime guarantee protected by our Service Level Agreement. If...
Views: 2627
06. No Outsourced Support
CSY Web Hosting provides support using in-house staff members that know who you are and why...
Views: 2576
07. No Hidden Fees, No Tricks
Everyone hates hidden fees. We are no exception! All of our fees are listed in the TOS and on the...
Views: 2619
08. Safe & Secure Datacenter
We realize how important security is in a datacenter environment. Our network in downtown Chicago...
Views: 2695
09. Powerful Equipment
We put our customers on powerful, server-grade systems configured in RAID with plenty of RAM and...
Views: 2654
10. Unsurpassed Customer Service
Our customer service staff is well trained in everything they need to know to help you solve your...
Views: 2468
11. Honesty
We are always honest with our customers. We don't try to hide anything and answer all of your...
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